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Established in the year 1979, Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited (AACL) has a remarkable timeline of 40+ years backing its claim of being one of the world leaders when it comes to manufacturing.

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General information

ALCHAN 100 is an easy to use colorless & crystalline vapor phase corrosion inhibitor for rust retardation in ferrous metal. It can be applied using methods such as direct dusting, spraying or placing ALCHAN sachets along with products in containers.


Physical Properties

NATUREALCHAN 100 is a colorless crystalline powder. It imparts long term protection to ferrous metals in a closed environment.
PRODUCT FUNCTIONALCHAN 100 is highly effective in protecting ferrous metals from corrosion for prolonged periods. The vapors continuously emitted from powder form a mono-molecular film on the object. This film acts as a physical barrier between the object and the corrodants in the environment and impedes corrosion. As the vapors are hydrophobic in nature, complete protection is offered from moisture.
METHOD OF APPLICATIONALCHAN 100 can be directly sprayed, dusted or be applied by hand on surfaces to be protected. The powder can also be diluted with a volatile solvent and objects can be dipped in to coat and protect areas which are inaccessible. Maximum protection is possible if objects treated with ALCHAN 100 are kept in air tight containers. Further formulations of the powder can be used to impregnate / coat paper, which can be used to wrap ferrous objects. These offer excellent long term protection and are very convenient to use.
PROTECTION PERIOD10-12 months at ambient temperature.
DOSAGE1 gm / cu. ft. for direct applicationc. For paper, normal loading is 11 gms of ALCHAN / M2 of paper.
RECOMMENDED FORProtecting metal automobile spare parts in transit or storage and for weapons, ammunition, tools, export machinery etc. Impregnated paper can be used to wrap ferrous objects like blades, machine parts and maintenance tools.
ADVANTAGESALCHAN 100 gives excellent long term storage protection. Surfaces or assemblies that cannot be reached by other means are protected by ALCHAN 100 vapors. Application method is clean hence costly and tedious degreasing and polishing operations are eliminated. Treated articles can be easily inspected. ALCHAN 100 does not hinder magnetic, electric properties, it also does not affect non metallics. Treated articles are in a ready to use condition. It is advisable to carry out practical tests to observe the result of VPI on non-ferrous metals before application.


  • applications
    Oil Industry

    It is common in the oil industry to apply corrosion inhibitors to mitigate the corrosion of carbon steel due to CO2, H2S or organic acids.


  • Store away from direct sunlight and naked flame.

Health & Safety

  • Avoid prolonged inhalation of vapors and powder. Maintain 4 adequate ventilation during application and drying. Wear masks during spray application. If splashes enter eyes wash with plenty of water and seek medical advice. No naked flames or smoking during application and drying.


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