General information

Alkyl Amines' R&D team is creatively involved in finding innovative routes to synthesize products to best meet the industry expectations.

Innovation is critical in driving AACL’s growth and forms an essential element of our DNA. Approved by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, our state-of-the-art R&D Centre is located in the industrial estate of Hadapsar, Pune, India. Our center has a well-equipped organic synthetic laboratory with a pilot plant for scale-up studies and an analytical laboratory for chemical analysis and testing. We pride ourselves on having a diverse team of qualified researchers including Doctorates, Post-graduates, and Graduates from Engineering and Science disciplines, offering years of industry experience. The core expertise of our R&D team is to develop efficient technologies for aliphatic amines and their salts, N-hydroxyl amines derivative, amides, and industrial solvents, along with other industrially important specialty chemicals. Our philosophy requires partnering R&D with sales, marketing and manufacturing.

We turn great ideas into great products

Our R&D team innovates, develops new products, and supports our clients in the development of specific concepts and products. Amine-based chemicals are required in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, dyes, pigments, rubber chemicals, leather processing, water treatment industries, and in the textile industry, among others. In the pharmaceutical industry, amines find applications in antidiabetic (metformin), antacids (ranitidine), antihypertensive (Sartans), antiretroviral (Lamivudine), and several other medicinal areas. Being basic in nature, they are often used as acid quenchers. Amines also find use in products of personal care and as polymer additives. Our R&D team is also engaged in optimizing the manufacturing processes, which not only improve yields but also reduce cycle time, cost, effluent, safety, and environmental risks, with the focus on a complete sustainable solution to compete in the market. Collaborations with national laboratories provide us with the additional support of advanced research.