From Past to Present -
Our Milestones

We operate over 20 individual production plants over three manufacturing sites covering over 110 acres of land in the western states of Maharashtra and Gujarat in India.
We produce a variety of aliphatic amines at the Patalganga site which is 75 km outside Mumbai.
We produce aliphatic amines, derivatives as well as specialty amines and other chemicals at our Kurkumbh site which is approximately 60 km outside Pune.
At our Dahej site we focus on aliphatic amines, amine derivatives and specialty chemicals.
We also operate two dedicated solar power plants for captive use in Maharashtra in order to increase our usage of renewable energy.
We have crossed many milestones since we started our journey in 1979.

Our Journey

  • 1979

    Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited incorporated

  • 1982

    First aliphatic amine plant commissioned at Patalganga

  • 1986

    Expansion of Patalganga plant

  • 1992

    Second plant commissioned at Patalganga

  • 1996

    Three multi purpose plants commissioned at Kurkumbh

  • 2000

    First aliphatic amine plant and hydrogen plant commissioned at Kurkumbh

  • 2003

    Powder plant - 1 commissioned at Kurkumbh

  • 2010

    Acetonitrile plant - 1 commissioned at Kurkumbh

  • 2012

    Powder plant - 2 commissioned at Kurkumbh

  • 2015

    Captive solar power plant commissioned at Bhoom

  • 2016

    Expansion of multi purpose plant and acetonitrile plant in Kurkumbh

  • 2017

    Powder plant - 3 commissioned at Kurkumbh

  • 2018

    Methyl amines plant commissioned at Dahej

  • 2019

    Powder plant - 4 commissioned at Kurkumbh

  • 2020

    Amine derivative plant commissioned at Dahej

  • 2021

    Specialty amine plant commissioned at Kurkumbh
    Expansion of Methyl amines plant at Dahej
    Acetonitrile plant - 2 commissioned at Dahej

  • 2022

    Second Hydrogen plant commissioned at Kurkumbh
    DEK plant commissioned at Kurkumbh
    Captive solar power plant commissioned at Manwath

  • 2023

    New Ethyl amines plant (World's highest capacity) commissioned at Kurkumbh
    Captive solar power plant commissioned at Talegadh