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In an increasingly competitive market place, the concept of value creation is more important than ever. No longer is profit, or an increase in volume, assured from new markets. Keeping costs lower than the competition without losing quality, and supplier reliability are vital to growth in value.

Alkyl recognises that suppliers play a vital role in our ability to do business and hence suppliers are considered as Alkyl's partners in progress.

The Alkyl Global Supplier Network provides existing and potential suppliers around the world, an opportunity to interface electronically with Alkyl.


Our objective is to create a dynamic, collaborative and high-speed interface with our supply chain.

Our centralised purchase department is located at our head office in Vashi. Core purchase functions revolve around annexed major raw materials and packing materials.

Suppliers who have established business relations with us for a number of years have been accepted as registered vendors for future supplies. Potential suppliers desiring business ties with Alkyl will have to fill in the Vendor Registration Form. On careful scrutiny of information furnished a decision is taken regarding the registration of a new supplier.

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