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At Alkyl Amines, we consider people as our most valuable asset, far greater than anything you see in our balance sheet. Over a period of time we have built our team by selecting people from reputed institutes in the country. Each member of the 'Alkyl Family' functions as a member of a team consciously working towards achieving the goal of the company in maintaining quality and productivity. All our management people are professionally qualified experts in their respective fields.


They possess graduate & post graduate degrees from some of the most reputed colleges & universities in India. We encourage our employees to acquire additional educational qualifications and also impart the necessary training required for updating their knowledge & improving their skills and management techniques. We provide housing to essential employees near both our factories. Conveyance facilities are provided for employees at both the factories.

The Alkyl Culture


Our major strengths are mutual trust and transparency at all levels by consciously sharing information about the company and its operations. Such information is shared through formal meetings and also through our house magazine 'Alkyl Era'

We offer a very conducive environment for the growth of our employees. We believe in investing in our people and hence career planning, training, and development are given priority. Employees are encouraged to participate in in-house and external training programmes that are organised to help develop their skill-set.


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