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Application Protection period Recommendations for optimum protection Required quantity
ALCHAN - 100 (Powder)- For Rust Retardation in Ferrous Metal
Direct Dusting, spraying, placing Alchan Sachets along with products in containers. 10-12 months at ambient temperature Closed environment like plastic bags, tins and sealed containers 1 gm/cu.ft. of container space
By impregnation on Kraft paper and tapes. 8-10 months at ambient temperature After wrapping object with paper, it should be preferably kept in closed container 11 gm of Alchan/m2 of paper.
ALCHAN - 300 (Liquid) - Oil Miscible Formulation
Dipping, brushing. 8-10 months at ambient temperature -- 5 gm of active ongredient per sq.mtr. of products surface area.
ALCHAN - 400 (Liquid) - Water Miscible Formulation
To be added in water. 6-8 months at ambient temperature -- 500 ppm to total water volumes.

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