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Appearance It is a colourless liquid. It has a characteristic ammonical odour and tends to darken on standing.
Physical Properties
Empirical Formula C12H23N
Structural Formula Structural Formula
Molecular Wt. 181.32
Sp. Gr. at 20ºC 0.91-0.92
Refractive Index 1.483 -1.485
Boiling Point 256°C
Freezing Point - 1°C
Solubility in water Sparingly soluble
Flash Point (closed cup) 98-103°C
Vapour Pressures
Pressure in mm of Hg Temperature in °C
40 148
100 176
300 213
760 256
Purity (min.) by GC (wt.%) 99.0% min.
Water Content by KF (wt.%) 0.3% max.
Impurities by GC (wt.%) 0.7% max.
IMDG Class
Class 8
UN Code No. 2565
Packing Group III
Brussels T. No. 2921.19.00
CAS No. 101-83-7

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